Recruit360 Platform

FATj’s Recruit360 Platform provides a suite of powerful solutions to help your team attract, enable, and retain the best talent.

Active & Dynamic Recruitment Campaigns

With the competitive transportation market, recruiters need an edge to stay in front of the best candidates. Spend less time managing and tweaking job ads, and more time qualifying new leads. Leverage a team of digital marketing experts to speak with and hire more candidates.

Direct Recruitment Services

Poor conversations with candidates waste valuable time. We replace those conversations with interested and qualified applicants. We provide pre-qualified candidates who are ready and able to work with your team.

Financial Wellness & Employee Retention

Life doesn’t wait two weeks. Your company can provide unique cash flow options for employees that make your business stand out. Open the door to financial wellness through an on-demand platform that puts employees in charge of their payments.

Custom Technology Services

Every recruitment process has its quirks, and we deliver solutions that adapt to your needs. Our team lives, breathes, and transforms HR recruitment technology. Whether it's a custom career site, or a new integration – we make sure no leads are left behind.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem


FusionRL is proud to partner with leaders in the HR Tech industry. From tools that make the work of recruitment leaders more efficient, to organizations that focus on putting people first, we support our friends and partners however we can. 



Whether it's CDL or Non-CDL drivers, we know where to find them. Leverage data to drive your recruitment forward.

Warehouse Workers


Looking to hire candidates at a rapid pace? We have a team that can accelerate your hiring process. so you can start making hires.